‘Friends’ GIFs that perfectly sum up our thoughts on the start of the semester

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In what seemed like the blink of an eye, the first three weeks of classes have come and gone. The beginning-of-semester euphoria has subsided as UC Berkeley students settle into routine patterns of attending class, studying and starting their extracurricular activities. Here’s a visual depiction of our thoughts on the semester, from welcome week to midterm season, as told by the cast of “Friends.”

When you show up at a welcome week party and realize it’s all lanyard-wearing freshman

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When it’s the first lecture and the professor asks if you did any of the readings sent out two weeks ago


When someone on Sproul says there will be pizza at the info session

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When syllabus week ends and you have to figure out how to survive your morning lectures

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When you find out that attendance is mandatory for your 8 a.m.

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When your GSI leads discussion for the first time

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When you see Oski on campus before a rally

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When you decide to grow up and go to the career fair


But you walk away feeling confused and inadequate

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When you find out that Cal Dining got rid of meal points 


When you decide to go to a “wine Wednesday” event for the first time

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When you’re called on in class but didn’t do the reading, so you make something up

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When your parents call and ask you why you’re so lazy and haven’t started studying


When you get the fifth Nixle alert in two weeks reminding you how dangerous Berkeley is

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When the professor reminds you that your first midterm is only two weeks away

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And finally, when you remember that no matter how tough it gets, this is the best school in the world, and you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else

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From all of your friends at the Clog, good luck on your midterms, job interviews or any other shenanigans you’re up to this semester!

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