To all the tweets we’ve loved before: Noah Centineo tweets relevant to life at UC Berkeley

Karen Chow/File

With Noah Centineo shaking up our worlds with his not one, but two Netflix rom-coms in the last month, we owe it to him (and ourselves) to spend a little time thinking about what could’ve been. We at the Clog have dissected his Twitter account from the last few months just to prove that Noah (the love of our lives) Centineo knows what’s up in Berkeley.

Waking up and being a student at the No. 1 public university in the world today just to repeat the whole thing tomorrow.  

When your math teacher makes an introduction and then starts going over real material, instead of the syllabus, on the first day of school.

When your crush Oski walks by you on Sproul. 

That moment when bMail forced everyone to sign up for two-step verification.

What you say when you’re going to be late to class across campus in Cory Hall. We’re talking like Berkeley time on Berkeley time late.

That moment when your CS professor extends the due date for your #Machine #Learning project.

When your friend insists that Café Milano’s chai latte is better than Cafe Blue Door’s chai latte.

That feeling when you’re just not down to talk to someone who isn’t interested in figuring out where Dirks and our missing funds actually went.

When it’s hot outside and a Kiwi Bot rolls by with a sign saying it’s carrying Jamba Juice.

Sitting at Strada to people-watch and eavesdrop instead of study.

After you take a sip of your first coffee in Berkeley after an entire summer.

Honestly, we think that Noah Centineo goes to UC Berkeley, or at least did in another lifetime. Once a Bear always a Bear. We love you, Noah.

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