Let’s take a dip! Spending 24 Hours in Bath, England

Allison Fong/Staff

No, I’m not talking about the bath where you bathe in your own filth; I’m talking about the town in the English countryside. As a much-needed getaway from studying abroad at the University of Sussex over the summer, I took a trip with a friend to Bath for a break from all things physics. (That’s right, I took a year’s worth of physics in eight weeks. Am I crazy? Maybe.) 24 hours is never enough time to fully explore any city, so my friend and I had a jam-packed 24 hours ahead of us. Was it enough time to immerse ourselves in the true glory that is Bath? Probably not, but we tried.


6:00 p.m. — Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!


After taking a midterm in the morning, my friend and I hopped on a train from Brighton to Bath to begin our 24-hour adventure. After four hours of chatting away on the train, we finally arrived in Bath. With our backpacks in hand and Google Maps pulled up on our phones, we found our way to our Airbnb, which was located across River Avon by Alexandra Park. After settling into our Airbnb, we made our way to Vino Vino, a wine and cocktail bar. We decided to check out this wine bar so we could get a preview of the city before really exploring it the next morning. Vino Vino was pretty busy that night, with almost every table filled. We got lucky and got a seat outside, facing the street. With the chatter and laughter of locals and tourists among us, we clinked our glasses and enjoyed our drinks as we discussed our itinerary for the next 24 hours.


8:00 a.m. — It’s an avocadooo! Thanks!


Eager to explore Bath, we got up super early to get a head start on our day. It wouldn’t be a true Allison getaway without some good brunch. After thorough research, we decided to try out Boston Tea Party for aesthetic decor and delicious food. With hanging plants, natural lighting and vegan- and vegetarian-friendly options, this place had my name all over it. I got the veggie breakfast, which had roasted potatoes, mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, eggs, baked beans and toast — the ultimate English breakfast. I know what you’re thinking: “Beans and toast?” More like, “Yaass beans and freaking toast!” (Don’t knock it till you try it, friends.) What was even yummier was our iced coffee made with avocado. That’s right, you read avocado. I know it sounds even crazier than beans on toast, but the avocado made the iced coffee so creamy — it was like coffee ice cream for breakfast. With our bellies full, we took a stroll through Bath, making a mandatory stop at the iconic Roman Baths and any shops that caught our eyes.

11:00 a.m. — Bad and boujee in Bath


We didn’t come to Bath to play games. Go big or go home, right? With a trip to Bath, we knew we had to book massages at the famous Thermae Bath Spa. This historic spa is equipped with everything from an open-air rooftop pool with an amazing view of the city to a wellness suite, which includes a steam room, sauna, ice room and even an infrared room. The main purpose of this trip was to have a spa day, so that’s exactly what we did. We each booked full-body massages and spa access, for the ultimate stress-free spa day. We were each handed a bathrobe, flip-flops and a wristband upon entry. With this wristband, we could lock up our belongings and even use it at the Springs Café Restaurant. Unfortunately, no phones were allowed inside the spa, so I was only able to get a shot of the outside. Let me just say, the pictures online are definitely an accurate depiction of the greatness of the Thermae Bath Spa. By the way, the massage was amazing and worth every penny. Don’t @ me. Treat yo’self!

3:00 p.m. — Do you have oat milk?


After spending three hours at the spa, we were finally ready to explore the rest of Bath in the short amount of time that we had left. But first, we had to get coffee. As we made our way to Society Café, a trendy café that serves specialty coffee, we came across a little market that sold crafts and little goodies. We roamed around the little market and made a stop at a vendor that sold delicious vegan treats. If you didn’t know better, you would’ve never known these were vegan. I picked up a brownie that literally melted in my mouth. As we snacked on our vegan pastries, we continued on our way to Society Café. Now that I had my iced oat milk latte, made with my favorite Oatly oat milk, and a vegan brownie, I was finally ready to explore the rest of Bath!

6:00 p.m. — The final countdown


Our last stop in Bath was some sightseeing of the Circus and the Royal Crescent, both of which are historical strips of land in the city that are home to townhouses. The Circus consists of townhouses that form the shape of a circle with a roundabout in the middle. The Royal Crescent, located just down the street from the Circus, is made up of a row of townhouses laid out in a semicircle with a huge park at its center. It was such a sight to see and was definitely a great way to end our trip. Nothing beats a view, great weather and even better company.

As we left Bath, all I wished for was another 24 hours in this cute little town. The laid-back vibe of the entire place was what made my experience here so memorable, not to mention the amazing architecture and killer spa. Despite the crowds of tourists roaming the town during the day, waking up early and seeing the place for what it truly was simply amazed me. The cow milk alternatives, great food, spa and vibes aside, the best part of this trip was definitely getting to explore this new city with one of my best friends from my study abroad program. For this reason, it was one of my favorite trips I took this summer.

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