Playlist: Best songs to listen to on your way to your 8 a.m. classes

Ameena Golding/Staff

So maybe you’re blessed/cursed with 8 a.m. classes more days a week than you’d like (we’re talking like five days more than you’d like). Instead of taking your gloomy walk or ride to campus in silence, listen to these jams to wake you up and ease your worries for the day.

“Everyday” — A$AP Rocky feat. Rod Stewart, Miguel and Mark Ronson

This is a calm song to relax to on those cold, cloudy #berkeleymornings, and it has a star-studded lineup. Maybe it’s a little on the sadder side, but it has an inspiring tune. Channel that shit.

“American Boy” — Estelle feat. Kanye West

This one will probably put you in nostalgia mode and transport you to a time when you didn’t have to do college 8 a.m. classes. Let Estelle’s soothing voice carry you all the way to that first class.

“Don’t Get Captured” — Run the Jewels

This one’s a classic RTJ rap song, complete with a heavy, driving bass and powerful vocals. It’ll get you pumped and ready to take on whatever UC Berkeley’s chemistry department or beyond wants to throw at you that fucking early in the day.

“Cruel Summer” — Bananarama

The title says it all. You waltzed in from summertime, sleeping at 3 a.m. and waking up at 1 p.m., but that’s obviously no longer the case. This song personifies all your sad, sad feelings about having to get up before 10 a.m., but let its lyrics and funky beat motivate you, not bring you down.

“Smooth Operator” — Sade

You won’t even feel the time pass while listening to Sade. “Smooth Operator” has a great rhythm and, accompanied by Sade’s rich vocals, will make you feel like you’re in a state of bliss. You won’t even feel like you’ve left the comfort of your bed.

“Shake It Out” — Florence and the Machine

This is a song that’ll slowly undroop your droopy eyes. It starts out soft and then picks up speed into a bubbly pop song that you’ll soon be bopping to as you trudge the hills of Berkeley. Shake it out, and get to class!

“Good As Hell” — Lizzo

If this song isn’t inspiring as fuck to you, we don’t know what is. Lizzo’s queenly voice will definitely pick up your sleepy spirits and make you want to drop your man.

“Good Day” — Greg Street feat. Nappy Roots

This is an all-around feel-good song. It has a happy beat that can be especially helpful on those mornings when you absolutely can’t pull yourself out of bed but inevitably have to.

“Redbone” — Childish Gambino

“Redbone” is super relaxing and has a great, groovy beat. Walk to the sound of the bass and take your mind off of having to get up this early.

Don’t let those 8 a.m. classes get you down! You now have an arsenal of tunes to help get you through those grueling minutes on your way to class and to pick up your spirits for the rest of the day.

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