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To all the crushes in discussion I've loved before

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SEPTEMBER 12, 2018

Dear discussion crush,

You stole my heart from the moment I saw you walk through the door on the first day of discussion. You sat in the very back of the class, and I sat in the front. In our next discussion, I sat in the back row too, just so I could be a little closer.

I haven’t had the chance to talk to you, but it’s kind of hard to anyway, since we’re in math discussion and our GSI groups us alphabetically. Of course our last names start with letters on opposite ends of the alphabet, so I never have the chance to explain why I think double integrals are so amazing to you.

I just want you to know that we would probably be great friends, and we likely have more in common than you might think. I remember you saying something about liking ultimate Frisbee… I bet you look really cool catching a Frisbee midair. As it turns out, I like Frisbee too! I used to play in my high school gym class. 

Sometimes I think about asking you to study with me, since the GSI seems to like you. It also seems like you get great grades, but we’re already three weeks into the semester, and I don’t want to risk looking too obvious. You always pay such close attention to the professor during lecture. It makes sense, since you sit in the front row of class. I should probably sit in the front row too, so I don’t get distracted.

To be honest, as time passes, I think I’m slowly getting over you. You have a kind face, but I don’t know enough about you to really form a bond. Besides, I think Susan likes you too. They always smile in your direction when you walk into the room. I wish we could get coffee at Caffe Strada one day, or that we could study at Moffitt until it closed, but things would never work out at this pace.

I’m only a freshman anyway, and you’re taking this class as a junior, so there’s no way we could relate, to begin with. You knew what the original late-night dining was like; I only know about the new version, which can’t possibly be as good.

I think this letter has gone on too long. I’m gonna get boba now.

Have a nice life.


That person in your discussion who wishes we were at least friends

Disclaimer: This is not a personal anecdote of sorts. This is meant to be generalized for anyone who has ever had a crush on someone in their discussion. This piece is inspired by the letters from the movie “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.”

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SEPTEMBER 12, 2018