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Be well Bears: Important tips to survive as a student while sick

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SEPTEMBER 17, 2018

It seems as though our bodies love to get sick at the start of every semester. Students coming from across the world with germs specific to their hometowns create the perfect conditions to fall ill. If you get sick (or are currently sick), it may feel like too much to handle on top of your school work. Getting sick, however, isn’t the end of the world. You can still make sure you don’t fall behind with these tips.

Take it easy

If you’re feeling bad now, you’ll feel even worse if you try to exert yourself. If you have a fever, it’s advised that you don’t attend classes until 24 hours after your fever has passed, so spend some time in bed. Just think of it as the perfect excuse to nap and watch as much Netflix as you want.

Get the notes that you might miss

If you do decide to skip class, you’re going to have to accept that you’ll miss some material. After you get better, try to ask people in your class if you can borrow their notes to copy down. It isn’t quite the same as being there, but it’ll give you something to review so you don’t fall too far behind.


A great way to get better fast is to sleep. Don’t stay up until 1 a.m. if you can help it. Instead, lean into the fact that you’re tired and go to bed as early as possible (and maybe squeeze in a nap or two as well). This is a great way to take it easy and is a perfect excuse to spend some more time in your bed.

Take liquids and medication

While sick, drink water and eat soup. This will help replenish your body of nutrients and keep you nice and hydrated. If you do decide to do homework or leave your room, a medication that alleviates your fever will be useful to make the experience less miserable. Medicine can also help you get better faster and feel better during the interim.

Review everything when you get better

Make sure you’re caught up on all the new material once you’re fully recovered. Set aside some time to go over the notes for the classes you missed, and maybe do some practice problems if you can. Also, remember to set aside time to power through all the homework you didn’t do while sick. Pay close attention, so you don’t miss anything, and you’ll catch up in no time.

Hopefully, you won’t need to use any of the things on this list this semester. Avoid falling ill altogether by remembering to wash your hands and by regularly using hand sanitizer. If it’s already too late for you, then don’t stress too much about it. Just try to take it as easy as your schedule will allow, and remember that you’ll get better!

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SEPTEMBER 17, 2018