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What the fork is for dinner? 6 easy and cheap dinner ideas for busy lives

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SEPTEMBER 17, 2018

With our days so packed, sometimes it’s difficult to take time to make dinner. Often, it takes about 30 minutes to prep the food, 30 minutes to cook it, 15 minutes to eat and 10 minutes to wash the dishes. That’s more than an hour out of your day just to eat! But, as always, the Clog is here to the rescue. Here are some easy and cheap dinner ideas so you won’t go to sleep hungry.


Because it’s loaded with carbs, pasta always finds a way to fill you up. Pasta is quick, easy and extremely cheap to make! One packet of pasta and one jar of tomato sauce will last you about three meals. Just boil the noodles, add your favorite sauce, sprinkle some Parmesan on top, and you’re set!


This one’s a classic. It’s usually more of a lunch kind of meal, but with a limited amount of time, this will have to do. The ingredients to make a sandwich always come in bulk. You can probably make about 10 sandwiches with a single loaf of bread, a head of lettuce, a package of sliced cheese, and your choice of meat and dressing.


I know, I know. Ew, it’s so healthy. But it’s so easy and fast to make! Just toss together your favorite base (such as spring mix, kale, romaine or spinach), add-ons (such as chicken, cherry tomatoes, croutons, beans or corn) and dressing! Salad is a great on-the-go meal for both lunch and dinner!

Frozen food 

Ah, yes. Although frozen food tends to be unhealthier than fresh foods, they’re fast, they’re delicious, and there’s no way you can fuck up — well, I guess you could end up burning the food or undercooking it. Frozen food is probably one of the easiest dinners you can have; you can cook the food with an oven, stove or microwave and complete other tasks while it’s cooking!

Club meetings

Hop on that free food grind. Many club meetings offer dinner during their info sessions. It’s usually pizza, but I mean, who doesn’t love pizza? Enjoy a night of meeting new people, learning about a club you have never heard before, and eating free pizza.


I hope this article will help you fill your stomach and fatten your wallet. Happy eating, Golden Bears!

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SEPTEMBER 17, 2018