Mountain lion sighted near Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Max Pixel/Creative Commons

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A mountain lion was sighted near the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on Wednesday evening, according to a Nixle alert issued Thursday morning.

The alert stated that a lab employee spotted the animal near Building 88, and reported the sighting to UCPD about 7:05 p.m. The employee reportedly saw the mountain lion near the west fence line of the lab.

According to the alert, mountain lion sightings in the hills above Berkeley have occurred multiple times in the past few years. On several occasions, animal carcasses — suspected to have been killed by the mountain lions — have also been found in the area.

The alert advises community members to avoid hiking or jogging alone, and recommends keeping children and pets close when spending time in areas that may contain mountain lions. In the event of encountering a mountain lion, the alert suggests standing one’s ground and fighting back if attacked.

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