Rolling Loud 2018: Cuban Doll

Cuban Doll/Courtesy

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With lime-green hair, a pink latex outfit and the ammo of her sexual and boastful lyrics, 20-year-old Dallas-based rapper Cuban Doll was yet another invasion of vibrant, borderline obnoxious color to the Dryp Stage of Rolling Loud.

“I’m a real bitch,” Cuban Doll rapped onstage with her friend and rapper Sukihana. These are words she swears by, telling us that she is not just another internet-baby rapper who has amassed a following through social media. She’s different. She’s real.

But by the time of her set, Cuban Doll was already the second “doll” to perform at the festival. Asian Doll, bearing resemblances to Cuban Doll in appearances and in sound, had already performed at a stage no more than 100 feet away. “I’m a real bitch,” Asian Doll also said in her song “Southside.”

Yet Cuban Doll was not unaware of this. It’s the reason she tried to rebrand herself through her 2017 mixtape, Aaliyah Keef. “I wanted to separate myself, so I came up with Aaliyah Keef,” she said in an interview with Paper Magazine. “Aaliyah is my sweet side, it’s girly-girl, and then Keef is like Chief Keef.”

But aside from the bright pink of her clothes and the large screen behind her that projected a looping gif of the rapper blowing a playful kiss, the nuances of Cuban Doll’s identity did not appear on stage. Instead, she performed a monochromatic set of explicit songs that showcased her sexuality. Just like the other doll.

The one rare standout moment of the live hip-hop performance that Cuban Doll brought to Rolling Loud was her all-female entourage. With Sukihana and her friends, Cuban Doll had fun with her performance, even if she wasn’t unique.

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