Rolling Loud 2018: Gucci Mane

Aslesha Kumar/Staff

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As of 2018, trap star Gucci Mane, aka Trap God, aka Big Guwap, aka La Flare, aka Mr. Zone 6 and so on, has amassed 12 studio albums, one soundtrack, seven EPs, 72 mixtapes, 33 singles and several collaborative and compilation albums. With that sort of discography, one can only wonder how the Trap God decided on his setlist for Saturday’s performance.

Perhaps he approached it methodically and considered playing his most popular songs from each music streaming platform. But that would leave out songs such as “Bricks” from 2008 or “I Think I Love Her” from 2015. Or he could perform his newest single with Bruno Mars and Kodak Black, “Wake Up In The Sky.” (In the end, the DJ only played the song as Gucci Mane was already walking off the stage.)

A more likely hypothesis could be that Gucci Mane woke up late, had some kale for breakfast, hopped on a flight to the Bay, landed in Oakland, arrived at the stadium, walked 15 minutes late onto the stage to an exuberant and forgiving crowd and started to perform the first song that popped into his head.

Such was the nonchalant nature of the rapper’s performance. As he traveled through time in his musical career, performing songs off his early mixtapes from 2008 and songs he released recently, Gucci Mane casually walked back and forth with his iconic, wide, slightly deviant smile, intermittently rapping into the mic or let the playback or crowd finish the rest of the lyrics. At one point, the rapper decided that it was an appropriate time to take a water break, midsong.

The audience found it all to be glorious. Maybe this is just the result of Gucci Mane’s method to success: consistency over intensity. Since his 2005 breakthrough album, Trap House, Gucci Mane has delivered a steady flow of albums and mixtapes even while serving sentences in prison. He is one of the pioneers of the subgenre — truly a god of trap.

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