Rolling Loud 2018: Playboi Carti

Aslesha Kumar/Staff

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The video for Playboi Carti’s “R.I.P.” is amazingly shot — a black and white depiction of what a concert and live performance by the rapper ought to be gliding across the screen. Every component to what makes a successful hip-hop show is present in the video’s three-minute runtime: an explosive song, its author actually wanting to be at the show and a crowd that is totally invested in the music.

Unfortunately, Playboi Carti’s Rolling Loud set Saturday hit none of these marks. The most excited the crowd ever got was before the show when the DJ played A$AP Rocky and Skepta’s song “Praise the Lord.”

Playboi Carti came out in a red-and-white striped shirt, jumping and dancing and ad-libbing to his heart’s desire on each song. Although he himself brought the energy needed to make for a good show, the crowd was simply not into it.

During songs such as “R.I.P. Fredo (Notice Me)” and “FlatBed Freestyle,” the thousands-deep audience barely attempted to match Playboi Carti’s energy to the point where he himself stopped trying to hype up the crowd. Every single song off of Die Lit can be moshed to — instead of the crowd following suit, it just refused to react to Playboi Carti and his DJ shouting “Open that shit up! Open that mosh pit up!” for what felt like hours on end.

The crowd was so packed-in that the mosh pit was unfeasible. This did not faze Playboi Carti’s desire to open up a mosh pit during his set. The DJ’s wailing sirens accompanied by his annoying voice only exacerbated the awful crowd and Playboi Carti’s evidently dwindling care for his set. When he finally played “R.I.P.” toward the end of his set, the crowd reacted wholeheartedly for the first time; this being the penultimate song, though, it was too late to save the set.

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