Rolling Loud 2018: Ski Mask the Slump God

Pigeons and Planes/Courtesy

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Ski Mask the Slump God is a rapper known for his ridiculously catchy lyrics. He stands out, not in the way that a more mainstream pop-rapper like Drake would but more so amongst dedicated fans of hip-hop music.

Ski Mask began his Saturday set with an acapella rendition of his hit song “BabyWipe.” The way his lyrics flow sounds like a beat itself, as even this interlude to the concert had the crowd dancing. The rapper is known to draw rowdy crowds of diehard fans who tend to mosh heavily to the music. This reputation, however, does not necessarily lend itself to a good performance.

Many fans of Ski Mask know him through his late affiliate XXXTentacion because of their collaborations. Ski Mask ran through the two most popular collaborations, “H2O” and “Take A Step Back.”

By this time, the crowd was starting to get tired of Ski Mask’s unwillingness to perform; hip-hop music’s newest crop of superstars is known to barely put effort into their live performances. Ski Mask was no different — from the first song to the last, he barely attempted to rap along while the backing tracks blasted out of the speakers. To a crowd of festivalgoers, however, a nonheadliner such as Ski Mask would not draw nearly as much attention and dedication as Travis Scott might.

The aforementioned XXXTentacion was given a moment of silence, followed by a playback of his hit songs “SAD!” and “Look At Me!”

Ski Mask the Slump God’s set at Rolling Loud on Saturday felt like he went onstage to take the aux cord and play his music for his diehard fans alone. While this performance style does not make for a good concert, it is quickly becoming the industry standard.

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