Celebrate National Chai Day by (chai)-ing these amazing cafes

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Nothing beats a chai latte at a nice cafe. Sweet and with a kick of cinnamon, it’s a perfect latte to get to start your morning. Sept. 21, National Chai Day, is here, and there are so many cafes around Berkeley that’ll surely satisfy your craving. Here’s a list of the top five cafes that have some of the best chai lattes near campus.

Artis Coffee  

1717 Fourth St. B, Berkeley, CA 94710

Located right on the bougie streets of Fourth Street, Artis has one of the best chai lattes in Berkeley by far! It’s brewed in-house from fresh spices. This spot isn’t shy with its spices, so you’ll definitely feel the chai bursting your taste buds.   

Yali’s Cafe

Multiple locations

It seems like Yali’s is everywhere these days. There’s one in Sutardja Dai Hall, Stanley Hall and the Valley Life Sciences Building. We can’t seem to escape it, but at least it gives us a great excuse to grab a chai latte and a warm pastry on our way to class. The chai latte at Yali’s is on the sweeter side, so your sweet tooth will thank you later.

1951 Coffee Company  

2410 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA 94704 and MLK  

Goodbye Equator, and hello 1951. 1951 is an extremely unique cafe. It’s a nonprofit coffee organization that promotes the well-being of the refugee community by providing job training and employment to refugees. Not only is 1951 a caring company, but it also serves delicious chai lattes! They’re the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. They recently opened a new location at MLK, so now you have no excuse of not trying it out!

Rasa Caffe

3140 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Berkeley, CA 94703  

Rasa is known for its authentic chai. It’s made in-house, and you can definitely taste the difference. Rasa’s chai has a unique flavor to it that’ll leave you begging for more. It’s on the pricier side, but it’s certainly worth every penny!

Free Speech Movement Cafe  

3rd Floor Moffitt Library

FSM has to be the most appealing cafe on campus. The outdoor seating area is just so damn aesthetic! Although it’s usually quite crowded, the Free Speech Cafe is a great place to study. Enjoy a sweet chai latte while you catch up on work and relax in the warm sunlight.  

What more can we say about chai lattes? They’re just the best! We hope your National Chai Day is filled with many delicious encounters of chai lattes.  

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