Yellow jacket nests found near LeConte Hall

Karen Chow/Senior Staff

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UC Berkeley has some new inhabitants — yellow jackets have made nests in the vegetation on the eastern side of LeConte Hall on Oppenheimer Way.

Campus environmental services roped off the region and put up “Do Not Enter” signs.

“We place signs to prevent the public from disturbing the nest. Most stinging insects like yellow jackets will attack if their nest is disturbed or they feel threatened,” Felix Deleon, associate director of custodial, grounds and environmental services, said in an email.

Environmental services has no report on file of a student being stung.

Yellow jackets can be recognized by their black and yellow stripes and narrow waists. According to Deleon, protocol is to remove yellow jacket nests immediately and monitor the area for multiple days before the signs are removed. At this time of year, as winter approaches, sightings of yellow jackets are expected, he said in an email.

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