5 signs that you’ve overloaded yourself this semester

Isabella Schreiber/Staff

We’re more than a month into the semester, and midterms, essays and projects have inevitably come through. This means it’s time to take a good, hard look at what exactly you’ve committed yourself to this semester. Was taking that extra couple of units really the best idea? Do you have time for that other extracurricular? If these questions apply to you, then you might want to reconsider parts of your schedule.

You’re that one person who messes up every When2meet

A bunch of friends you haven’t seen in the longest time are getting together soon to catch up. Everyone is comparing calendars and suggesting times, but nothing matches up at first or even second glance. Someone eventually puts together a When2meet, but it turns out you can’t make it to anything until November or December or (let’s face it) next semester, and even then that’s still a maybe. Let’s try again later? 

You go to socials and write your essay

Somehow, you’ve managed to snag some time off from the infernal depths of your life, and you’re ready for a nice night to kick back and relax. But wait—there’s another assignment due at midnight. Instead of partying, you have to hide away in a corner, typing busily away on your laptop while everyone else is having a good time. Writing essays is still a pretty lit activity though, right?

You’re running off of 100 percent caffeine

Water has been forgone in favor of some condensed human suffering. The ambrosia of the adult world, coffee is love and life and everything, but you’re also considering upping the stakes to energy drinks or more. At some point, this has to be unhealthy, right?

You’re falling asleep in your classes — all your classes

It’s only natural to knock out once in a while in a few of your lectures from time to time. Even if it happens in discussion, it’s still totally understandable, if vaguely embarrassing. But the last few weeks of being hypercaffeinated are starting to wear off and take a toll, and maybe there’s a better way to be a student than to make a bucket list of lecture halls to nap in.

You watch all your lectures webcasted

Not necessarily because the course is boring; you might even really like the professor, but you’ve gone through the logic — watching lectures at twice the regular speed is technically more efficient for your time, and then you have that much more time to sleep! In a broader sense, you’ve gone down the list and strategically rearranged everything to maximize productivity. You’re more organized than you’ve ever been. Budgeting times to eat, sleep, work and maybe even procrastinate, if somehow an extra half hour can be carved out of your schedule somewhere. You’ve hit the point where you’re somewhat impressed with yourself, but this might also be mildly concerning. 

In all seriousness, do remember to take care of yourselves, and recognize if you’ve bitten off a bit more than you can chew this semester. Talk to your friends, and seek help if you need it. If necessary, don’t be afraid to drop some of your commitments (you can request a late drop for a class as well)! Being a student at UC Berkeley is hard— always make time to practice self-care!

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