How to celebrate National Pancake Day the right way

Wikimedia/Creative Commons

National Pancake Day is today, Sept. 26! So, if you fervently prefer pancakes over waffles, today is your day to shine! Crack out those griddles, because we at the Clog are here with a few ways you could celebrate solo or with some pals!

Have a pancake-making competition

If you can make cereal for breakfast, chances are making pancakes won’t be too much of a stretch if you have the right company and materials. Have a pancake-making competition with your buddies and see who can make the most perfectly circular pancakes in the least amount of time. If you have food coloring on hand, try out the latest trend of pancake art.

Come up with a pancake recipe that doesn’t use any traditional ingredients, but still tastes good

Perhaps you could make a “heathier” version of the traditional take on pancakes. As long as it tastes remotely similar to how IHOP smells, consider the recipe a success. If you need some inspiration, try asking some of your vegan friends what they use to replace butter or eggs. If you’re looking for a guilt-free way to consume a ton of pancakes today, this is the activity for you!

Use pancakes as hamburger buns

As a way to pay homage to IHOP’s temporary pivot to IHOB, try using pancakes as the buns of a burger. Maybe you’ll decide to permanently switch over to pancake buns! No one is judging you today. A corn dog is basically a hot dog with a pancake wrapped around it. Better yet, try making a pancake stuffed with hamburger meat. It might not sound good at first, but if you enjoyed IHOB, now you can get the best of both worlds.

Debate with friends whether pancakes or waffles are better

Whichever team loses has to eat the winning team’s preference. So, if you lose and you’re on Team Waffle, you have to eat pancakes as punishment. Each member of the winning team gets a gold spray-painted bottle of Aunt Jemima. To make the debate extra spicy, consider sprinkling a few breakfast puns.

Make a pancake breakfast for your friend who is sick

We’re all aware that midterm season has arrived. With that, there’s at least one person you know who has come down with something. How about showing them a little TLC and making them some pancakes for good measure? Maybe the pancakes will cure them! Never doubt the power of a pancake made with love.

Put maple syrup on literally everything, because it’s National Pancake Day

Ideally, you would put maple syrup on pancakes, but we understand if you only have Eggo waffles. If you like Eggo, we recommend you try out Trader Joes’s mini pancakes! They also come frozen, and you could literally eat an entire box in one sitting. If you have neither pancakes or waffles, any carb-rich food would probably suffice. Make those potatoes and maple syrup happen!

We hope you have a fantastic National Pancake Day and that all you taste in your mouth for the rest of the day is the sweet flavor of maple syrup.

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