Blue and gold abroad: How to make anywhere in the world feel like Berkeley

Arya Aliabadi/File

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You’re going away from your home away from home perhaps it’s to a far-off country somewhere in Europe, or maybe it’s just up north to Canada. Either way, you won’t be in Berkeley anymore. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave it behind! Here are some ways to make your experience studying abroad feel just like Bear Territory.

Yell “Hell yeah!” on a crowded street

Or you can yell it whenever someone walks past you as you sit and stare at people going by. Capturing the essence of the “Hell yeah!” man will make any place feel just like Berkeley. You can also hold up signs that demand the overthrow of capitalism by a communist revolution, that urge you to switch religions so you don’t go to hell or that advertise something you’re selling on the street accompanied by some groovy tunes.

Wear only blue and gold

Who cares if they don’t go with anything? You want the ultimate UC Berkeley experience while abroad. Feeling like wearing leggings? Striped blue and gold. Donning a suit for a special occasion? Get it custom-made in Berkeley Blue and California Gold. Found a cute dress? Make sure it comes in blue and gold. New shoes? You guessed it: They better be blue and gold. For more casual days, pair a standard navy blue UC Berkeley jacket with tight yellow pants and a blue and gold pompom, if you wish.

Go on at least one boba run per day

Berkeley kids can’t live without boba. As much as you try to deny it, you know that having spent a solid chunk of your time here has turned you into some degree of a tapioca-guzzling monster. To satisfy those cravings and give you a taste of Berkeley, hunt for a local boba or milk tea shop. Of course, it’ll take you considerably longer to find a shop in some places, and in some, you may not find any at all. But that doesn’t mean you always have to walk 17 miles a day to get boba! There are do-it-yourself boba kits you can order on Amazon.

Protest something

Whether it’s political or a restaurant abroad getting rid of your favorite menu item, don’t hesitate to protest! Bring some of that charming East Bay culture with you wherever you decide to study, and stir up some deep, hidden (possibly food-related) problems. Maybe the students and residents of the city you’re studying in also want the local barbeque joint to bring back the mesquite-roasted salami and cheese sandwich, and maybe they’ll be willing to hold homemade picket signs and press the management to do so right alongside you.

Chant to the weather gods to make the fog roll in every evening

Not every city in the world is blessed enough to have the fog magnet called the San Francisco Bay close enough to them to blanket them in a thick, wet and cold layer of gray misery. There’s a perfect solution for that, however: Chant a nondenominational prayer to those who rule the sky and kindly request that they make fog roll in slowly but surely each and every evening (and, of course, make it last into the early afternoon), whether or not you’re near a large body of water. With the fog in place, it’ll be as if you never left Berkeley!

Whether you’re going somewhere near or far, it isn’t that difficult to make somewhere else feel like the great city of Berkeley. And if none of these quite work out for you, in a matter of months, you’ll be back here, anyway!

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