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'Grey’s Anatomy' moments to warm your heart this midterm season

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SEPTEMBER 28, 2018

Cynicism has officially reached new heights on the UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens page, which can mean only one thing: midterms are upon us, folks. On the upside, “Grey’s Anatomy” is back this week for its 15th consecutive season. If this alone isn’t enough to lift your spirits, we at the Clog want to take you down memory lane, “Grey’s Anatomy” style, and revisit a few times Yang made us laugh, 007 made us cry and Shondaland magic warmed even the most frostbitten, midterm-plagued of hearts.

Let’s start at the beginning and throw it way back to when Meredith realized she was indeed in love with McDreamy (in her defense, who wasn’t?) and mustered the courage to tell him how she felt. And thus, one of the most iconic scenes of the show, or rather of all time, was born:

ABC / tenor.com

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there, Meredith. We feel you, girl. You with McDreamy and us with the midterm curve. All we can hope for, really, is that it turns out for us like it did for you and that we end up with the curve of our dreams.

Fast forward a couple of seasons and Meredith and Derek are ready to tie the knot, but if we can count on “Grey’s Anatomy” for anything, it’s to keep things unpredictable — always. So clearly, there would be no white dress or flowers in this wedding, but there were hospital rooms, Post-it notes and a whole lot of heartwarming love.

ABC / popsugar.com
ABC / Popsugar.com

So, as you’re flagging all of the pages of your notebook with color-coded Post-its, remember they are truly multipurpose tools with potential far beyond the limits of your chemistry exam.

Even when you think Shonda Rhimes is finally going to give you the classic wedding you’ve been waiting for, white dress and all, Christina loses her eyebrows to Mama Burke. Thankfully, she took it like champ with a little help from Meredith and an eyebrow pencil. Burke may have gone on to leave Christina at the altar, but at least her eyebrows were looking fly in the meantime.

ABC / giphy.com
ABC / giphy.com

So just remember, when you’ve been in Doe for a what feels like a week and the going is getting rough, if Christina Yang survived the loss of her eyebrows and fiancé in one day, you’ll definitely survive your midterms!

“We have to dance it out — that’s how we finish,” and as if on cue, the tears start welling (fine we’ll admit it, rolling) profusely. As the song “Where Does the Good Go” by Tegan and Sara plays in the background, we can’t help but answer: Switzerland, that’s where the good is going, right along with Yang.

ABC / giphy.com

The beautiful thing about dancing it out is that it’s perfect in any situation, really. Slept through your class? Dance it out. Aced your midterm? Dance it out. Spent the last dollar in your bank account on a Yerba Mate? Dance it out. Danced out? Dance it out some more.

ABC / giphy.com

Finally, and grab your tissue box for this one, as Christina leaves Mer, she gives her last piece of advice only her person could’ve told her: “He is not the sun, you are.” And in that moment, our hearts melted and our tears pooled. Remember Bears, you are the sun! Treat yourself with all the sunshine you deserve pre- and post-midterms, and before you know it. your cold heart will rise out of hibernation.

ABC / giphy.com
ABC / giphy.com

Now go make some happy-go-lucky memes, people!

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SEPTEMBER 28, 2018