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What to do during Berkeley’s strange periods of warm weather

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SEPTEMBER 28, 2018

Yes, it’s the end of September. No, it is not still summer. Yes, it’s actually warm in Berkeley. No, it’s not a hallucination. To ensure that you enjoy this shit while it lasts, the Clog has a handy list that’ll help you make the most of Berkeley’s last moments in the sun before the rain hits.

Get tan on Memorial Glade

Didn’t have time to tan this summer? No problem! Berkeley’s giving you a second chance to toast yourself a little more and show off that sunburned redness to your friends. Memorial Glade is the perfect place to get a nice, even roast. “See, I did go outside!”

Go for a walk

Seriously. You’ll miss the time when you could walk without an umbrella and rain boots. In the winter, all you’ll walk around with is regret because even with these two things, you’ll still manage to get soaked through your socks. Take a stroll through the woods on campus before they become soggy like you.

Cherish the few moments you have when you don’t need to pile on layers

Unless you enjoy walking around with a sweater, sweatshirt, another sweatshirt and then a parka, you’ll likely enjoy the time when you can manage in a T-shirt and shorts (shout out to you SoCal kids rocking the look all year long). Take off those jackets and run free!

Eat as much ice cream as you can

And get it while it’s discounted because all the stores will want to get rid of it when it gets cold. Indulge in your cold, sweet fantasies now because soon it’ll be so cold that the ice cream will begin to taste as if it’s at room temperature.

For it to be sunny in Berkeley is a blessing. This weather is periodical and only lasts for a short amount of time during the fall, so make the most of it! Though it doesn’t get as cold as the East Coast (thank fuck), it’s cold for us whiny Cali kids, so get out there and enjoy the sun!

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SEPTEMBER 28, 2018