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The stages of deciding whether to go out on a Friday night

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OCTOBER 01, 2018

College is a time to get wild. With different movies, stereotypes and more, college life has and always will be portrayed as a time in your life to party. Although we can all agree that a night out is a good time, we at the Clog understand the struggle of the process of going out. We feel your pain! Here are the stages of the pains you might be feeling when thinking about a Friday night out.

1. Making plans

So, Ryan from Epsilon Beta Fish invited you to his frat’s party tonight. You won’t go alone and invite one of your good friends to accompany you on a night on the town … or a night on the frat row? Suddenly, your group of two turns into a group of eight. You have to either figure out a way to get everyone into the party or a way to drop the other six random invites. Either way, making plans needs to be more thought out than your midterms.

2. Questioning if you actually want to go

We like to call this the pre-party slump. Everyone goes through this. You’re supposed to be going out in about two hours but want to flake so bad — your bed’s just too comfy! After arguing with your friend for 10 minutes on the phone, you finally cave and get out of your bundle of happiness.

3. Getting ready and feeling pumped 

Physically getting ready does actually get rid of the slump. We at the Clog aren’t sure about the whole science of it, but putting on your fit for the night and just feeling good about yourself gets you pumped! We think this may be a sign of “serotonin”? Again, we aren’t scientists here, but we do know for a fact that adding music to this mix will boost your excitement.

4. Regret, regret and more regret

You walk past the doors and into an abyss of humidity, sweat and the blaring sound of “Closer” by The Chainsmokers. There are way too many people, and so, instead of dancing, everyone is just awkwardly bobbing their heads up and down. Ryan is off in the corner talking to some freshman, and you definitely haven’t had enough juice to get you comfortable with how uncomfortable everything is.

5. Wait … you actually had fun! Wow! 

After a few sips and requesting songs other than those of The Chainsmokers, you’re actually having a good time! You and your friend are having the time of your lives dancing like no one is watching, and you’re actually enjoying yourself!

We all go through phases of pain and happiness when going out on the weekend. Relieve some stress however way you want, whether that be staying in and watching a movie or getting trashed at Theta Pie.

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OCTOBER 01, 2018