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Which Berkeley coffee shop best fits your study vibe this semester?

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OCTOBER 01, 2018

Now that we’re in peak midterm season, most of us are counting on our caffeine addictions to get us through those long nights of studying. Now’s the perfect opportunity to take a brain break and find out which coffee shop on campus you vibe with the most.


  1. Your go-to coffee order is…
    1. Matcha latte
    2. Mocha
    3. None… I’ll take tea
    4. Espresso shot
    5. Iced coffee
  2. What do you like to do on a day off?
    1. Sleep
    2. Go out with friends
    3. Study
    4. Party
    5. Hang at a café
  3. You like to study…
    1. Outdoors
    2. Indoors
    3. Under a tree
    4. Library
    5. Indoors and outdoors
  4. What do your friends like most about you?
    1. Your laid-back vibe
    2. Your aesthetic
    3. Your uniqueness
    4. Your outspokenness
    5. Your humor
  5. Pick a season:
    1. Spring
    2. No preference
    3. Fall
    4. Winter
    5. Summer
  6. Pick a song:
    1. “Sweet to Me” by Summer Salt
    2. “Distraction” by Kehlani
    3. “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran
    4. “Sicko Mode” by Travis Scott
    5. “Do I Wanna Know?” by Arctic Monkeys
  7. Pick a tasty treat to go with your coffee:
    1. Banana
    2. Chocolate chip cookie
    3. Almond croissant
    4. Banana nut muffin
    5. Sandwich
  8. And finally, pick your favorite study space:
    1. Memorial Glade
    2. Doe
    3. Moffitt 5th floor
    4. Main Stacks
    5. Moffitt 4th floor
    6. Moffitt 3rd floor
  9. Answers
    1. Caffè Strada: You’re the cool friend everyone wants to hang out with! You have an effortlessly chill vibe but also know how to get stuff done when you need to. You’ve found a balance between kicking back and getting on the grind. People may recognize you in random places from class or from Instagram posts, but are often too intimidated to say hello.
    2. Yali’s Qualcomm Cafe: You’re the trendy friend! You’ve got great taste and you’re very down-to-earth. You aren’t afraid to take some time for yourself when you feel you deserve it, and you work very hard. You are passionate about what you love, and other people around you admire you for it.
    3. The Coffee Lab: You’re the sweetheart friend! You’re kind-hearted, fun and maybe a bit reserved. People respect you for your strong work ethic and compassion, and look to you for advice in tough times.
    4. 1951 Coffee Company: You’re the edgy friend! You’re a rebel with a cause — calm, collected and not afraid to stand up for what you believe in. You’re kind and funny, but won’t hesitate to let someone know if something bothers you. People admire you for your courage and passion.
    5. Free Speech Movement Café: You’re the basic friend! You’re a social butterfly who stands out in a crowd. You’re kind and funny, and are on top of all the trends on campus. Chances are, we follow you on Instagram.


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OCTOBER 01, 2018