A comprehensive NorCal Night Market food guide

Joyce Cam/Staff

If you’re a big foodie, you’ve probably heard of the NorCal Night Market — and if not, sorry you missed out on this experience. Last weekend (Sept. 28-30), the market returned to the Bay in its new location at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton and blessed our stomachs and aesthetics with amazing and unique food. Although it also features artists and live performances, the food is definitely the highlight of this night market. But be warned: Even though this food may seem amazing at the time, you’re stummy will definitely hurt after this experience. But, damn, is it SO worth it!


To start off the night, try this light classic. You can go for the classic elote, with a few twists such as added Flamin’ Hot Cheetos dust. If you’re not a big fan of corn on the cob, there’s a quick fix for it! The vendors will strip the corn off the cob and put it in a bowl for you, so you can enjoy a less messy elote-style treat.

Need something to sip on while eating all of these amazing foods? Well, why not try some refreshing horchata or strawberry lemonade? But wait! Even better — put it in a baby bottle! Although this isn’t a real baby bottle, this container can be cleaned out and used as a coin jar. We love reusability! #ZeroWaste2020


Now onto some actual aesthetic foods. This grilled cheese is loaded with color, and the pull of cheese you get — wow! You should probably wipe that drool from your face right now. This treat is definitely Instagram-worthy, for all of our aesthetic pals out there.


This musubi, a snack with Spam and rice, will probably be the healthiest thing you find at this market. Everything at the NorCal Night Market will most likely be the unhealthiest things you will ever eat in your life, but, boy, are they so good! If you need to take a break from the junk, this musubi will help… but only a little, if we’re being honest.


Now that the musubi has made you feel less like shit… It’s time to put more shit into your body. At the night market, you’ll see your typical variations of fries: garlic fries, plain fries, sweet potato fries and more. But fries are not enough — let’s load them with more junk! These fries were drowned in buffalo sauce, cheese, chicken, bacon and just a dash of some greens to add a little bit to the healthy factor. These fries are totally doable at home, but getting them at the night market and adding it to the other junk in your stomach just made them even tastier.

Now that you’ve gone through the whole course, it’s finally time for dessert! This extremely cute ensemble included egg puffs, ice cream and all the toppings your heart could ever want. With all the colors and vibrancy of the night market, this sweet treat was sweeter than any other ice cream and egg puff combo you’ll ever experience.

The NorCal Night Market is full of fun and aesthetic foods to eat. With an entry fee of only $5 and foods ranging from $4 to $15, this night market is an experience you should blow your money on. Your stummy and wallet may be crying for the next few days, but it’s totally worth the Instagram pictures!

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