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Quiz: Based on your Sproul experience, which Snapchat filter are you?

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OCTOBER 03, 2018

Snapchat has really taken over our lives. Whether you’re walking through Sproul or in class, you’ll always see someone snapping squirrels or their foreheads in class with the text, “This class is so boring.” But the best use of Snapchat is through their filters. We have the classic dog and heart filters — you know the ones we’re talking about. We also have the fun seasonal ones and the ones that make your head look like a pear. Describe your experience on Sproul, and we at the Clog will help you choose from the many Snapchat filters to uncover which one best fits who you are.


  1. When do you walk through Sproul?
    1. The primetime of noon — I love the rush
    2. About 4 p.m. — there are still some people around, but not too many
    3. 10 p.m. — it’s quiet and peaceful… sometimes a little too peaceful
    4. 10 a.m. — clubs still have flyers to give out by then. I like to get first pick
  2. How do you walk through Sproul?
    1. I don’t
    2. Headphones in, head down and hands in pockets — it’s the only way you make it out alive
    3. Head up and confident — I’m trying to make a good first impression for all the consulting clubs
    4. I just walk?
  3. How many flyers are in your hands by the time you get through?
    1. Too many — I swear these clubs do not care about the environment.
    2. None. Again… headphones in, head down, hands in pockets.
    3. Maybe two or three?
    4. Who cares? They end up in the recycling bin, anyway
  4. Which clubs do you notice the most?
    1. All the ones that sell In-N-Out
    2. The ones that look professional. I’m here to boost my resume for those big-name companies
    3. All of them! How do you not notice when they’re all in your personal space asking if you want to see a movie or go play trivia this week?
    4. I try not to notice
  5. Do you usually buy things on Sproul?
    1. Only if it’s food
    2. Of course! Do you see all the cute stickers on my Hydro Flask?
    3. Do people buy things on Sproul? Amateurs! Always go for the free stuff!
    4. I bought a donut once. It was a midterm day — it’s what I deserved
  6. Someone asks if you have a minute to talk about saving bees. You…
    1. tell them I’m already late for class and sprint.
    2. stay for a minute or two. It’s for a good cause, right?
    3. let them say their whole spiel because I know their higher-ups are watching.
    4. just keep walking as if I heard nothing
    1. You’re the dog filter. Sorry to say this, but you’re a basic bitch. You give into what Sproulers want from you, but it’s okay. The rest of the student body salutes you for taking the fall for the rest of us. You walked so we could run.
    2. You’re the face-swap filter. You do not want to get caught on Sproul at all. You basically tell little white lies to get out of anyone talking to you on Sproul. You’re smart and quick on your feet — literally.
    3. You’re the seasonal filter. Your mood on Sproul varies day to day. Sometimes you want to be approached just for some human contact, but other days, you’d rather take a longer route to avoid annoying Sproulers.
    4. You’re the big mouth filter. You have a lot to say. Honestly, you’re probably the Sprouler who everyone pretends not to hear. You constantly get shut down, but you never give up.


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OCTOBER 03, 2018