The stages you go through when taking a midterm

Wellcome Collection/Creative Commons

Happy #midtermszn, Bears! We’re now nearly halfway through the semester, which means you’ve either already taken a midterm (or several) or will be taking one soon. If you’re heading into your first midterm of the semester and want to know what to expect, or if you’re feeling sadistically nostalgic and want to relive the experience of taking your midterm, we’ve outlined the stages one generally goes through on test day.

Rolling up to the testing room with your study squad



Looking around at all the people who have never come to class before



Taking deep breaths and tuning out the world around you as the exams are passed out


Opening the test and forgetting how to spell your name


Answering the first question quickly and starting to feel confident…


… Until you get to the second question, which is significantly harder


Getting to the question about material that the professor said you wouldn’t need to know


Spiraling into a flurry of stress as you think about how your performance will affect your grade


Having a breakthrough and figuring out a tough problem


Eventually giving up because you know no matter how long you spend, you’re not going to get those last two questions


Avoiding eye contact with GSIs and the professor as you turn in your test


Walking out happily because at the end of the day, you did the best you could and grades don’t define you


That last one might not be entirely accurate, but it’s something we at the Clog want to remind everyone of. During this time in the semester, stress tends to pile up, but try to remember that at the end of the day, you’re worth more than a grade on a test. Best of luck to everyone on their midterms!

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