Spilling the tea: What does your favorite tea say about you?

Max Pixel/Creative Commons

From boba addicts to chai lovers, green-tea purists to milk-tea fans, we each have our own preferences. There’s a tea out there for everyone. But what does the tea you choose say about you?

Let’s spill a little and find out.

Black or milk teas: The traditionalist

For the Brits, black tea is the be-all and end-all of the brewed beverages. If you’re a lover of all things Earl Grey and English breakfast, chances are you’re a little bit of a traditionalist and perhaps a romantic, too. The British tradition of drinking tea goes hand in hand with our romantic notions of Jane Austen books and the existence of Tom Hiddleston. Some people might say you’re a little predictable, but don’t we all want a happy ending?

Green teas: The spiritualist 

Green tea holds claim to many health benefits, so chances are you might be a little more health-conscious than the average Bear. But you also might be a little more spiritual, too. Who can blame you? We all secretly love horoscopes and zodiac signs. You’re also probably the sort of person who collects succulents and tries really hard not to let them die. Nothing like putting a little good energy out in the world to get a little back.

Tea lattes: The sophisticated scholar 

You like tea lattes because coffee lovers shouldn’t have all the fun. There’s something to be said about a frothy, warm, sweet drink that doesn’t come with so much caffeine that it keeps you up all night. Whether it’s a London fog (otherwise known as an Earl Grey latte) or a matcha latte, tea-latte lovers know how to have fun. They walk the line between a night out and a cozy evening in bed. If you’re a tea-latte lover, you may be a little more elegant and a little more fashion-forward than some of your friends. Your drink may also cost more than all of theirs combined, but you’re worth it.

Chais and chamomile teas: The softie 

Indie music begins to play whenever you walk into the room. There’s something about the fragrant blend of a chai latte that sets it apart from all the rest. Along with other, more floral-based teas such as chamomile, these teas are soothing and a little on the dreamy side. There’s nothing wrong with being a dreamer, so roll up your cashmere sleeves and get out your sixth journal of this year.

Iced tea: The hot mess

Not everyone is about that hot-drink life. It doesn’t matter if it’s smack dab in the middle of summer or the breeziest day that Berkeley can offer — you want that drink on ice. Whether you drink it straight and unsweetened like a mother at a women’s book-club meeting or mixed with juice and sugar into a lemonade iced tea, iced-tea drinkers know what they’re about. Honestly? Tea.

Boba: The Berkeley girl 

Ah, bubble tea — the lifeblood for so many Bears. It doesn’t matter if you order the most common, plain milk tea, or the most complicated mix with every single topping you can possibly get — boba unites us all. Boba tea has seen us through some dark days and tough midterms and essays. It’s comforted us after bad days and rewarded us for good ones. We can all count on this drink and its magical tapioca balls to bring us true happiness. And that, my friends, is the real tea.



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