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What to do between your classes based on the amount of time you have

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OCTOBER 08, 2018

The time you have to spare between your classes doesn’t have to be spent in despair. Take advantage of each minute that you have —trust the Clog when we say it goes by quickly. Whether you’ve got three hours of free time or just 30 minutes, here are some options for you to incorporate into your daily schedule.

More than an hour

Take a nap. It’s a known fact that college students don’t get as much sleep as they should. Relax a bit (three words that are unfamiliar to most students here). Take a shower. Prepare a meal for yourself. If you’ve procrastinated on doing a homework problem, now’s the perfect time to ensure that you give your GSI completed work that you can be proud of.

One hour

Grab a snack and a chai latte to-go at any one of the cafes around or on campus. For those close to Sproul, head over to GBC. If your next class is in Dwinelle, check out Common Grounds. If you have classes near Evans or on the north side of campus, get some refreshments at Yali’s, which can now be found at two locations for UC Berkeley students. For those who can’t be bothered with long lines, grab a convenient snack straight from your kitchen.

30 minutes

If you’re behind on some of your work, you may not be able to crank out your entire problem set in such a brief amount of time, but you can still spend some time reviewing your lecture notes. Be sure to refresh your email inbox for any important emails you might have missed while in class.

10 minutes

Unfortunately, there isn’t much good news to give here other than, “Sprint.”

The life of a UC Berkeley student is tough. With several hour-long classes of rigorous material packed into your semester-long schedule, breaks are essential for college survival. When you find yourself with a little extra time, be sure not to let it go to waste. 

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OCTOBER 08, 2018