3 county measures on November 2018 ballot to fund community colleges, regional parks

Rachael Garner/File

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Alameda County has three measures on the ballot for Election Day coming up Nov. 6. New measures include E, G and FF.

These measures call for maintaining or extending funding for the Peralta Community College District or the East Bay Regional Park District. The measures target programs ranging from classroom facilities and academic programs to wildfire prevention.

Measure E

Measure E is an extension of the 2012 eight-year parcel tax, which gave the Peralta Community College District $8 million annually to better prepare students for careers and university transfer. The measure would begin in 2020 and renew the $48 parcel tax to 2028.

Among those affected by the measure are 30,000 students, veterans and families.

Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Oakland, and Toni Cook, a retired Peralta colleges instructor, support the measure.

Michael Mills, former chair on the Citizens’ Oversight Committee for the Parcel Tax, criticized the extension, however, alleging that the money is not distributed properly.

Measure G

Measure G calls for upgrades for landscapes and classrooms, renovations to buildings and veteran centers, and accessibility improvements throughout all Peralta campuses. Under the measure, $44.2 million in taxes will be raised annually for 40 years at projected rates of $24.50 per $100,000 of determined value.

The district board of trustees has prepared a facilities master plan in order to evaluate and address all of the district’s needs at each campus and facility and to determine which projects to finance, the measure reads.

The measure says it will save families “thousands of dollars,” and all funds are subject to oversight by an Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee.

Among the measure’s supporters are Lee and Peralta Colleges Foundation board member Andreas Clover. No arguments against the measure have been submitted.

Measure FF

Measure FF is an extension of Measure CC, passed in 2004. It calls for a continuation of a monthly $1 parcel tax for protection against wildfires under changing climate conditions, preservation of water quality and overall public safety measures in East Bay Regional Parks.

Measure FF is slightly different than CC because it contains specific line items that refer to specific parks rather than infrastructure projects, according to Shelana deSilva, director of government affairs and public funding of Save the Redwoods League.

“It continues to fund McLaughlin Park, MLK in Oakland, projects in Tilden, creeks and watershed work, vegetation management program in East Bay regional park district,” said Norman La Force, chair of Sierra Club East Bay Public Lands Committee.

East Bay Pesticide Alert, Forest Action Brigade and San Francisco Forest Alliance are among the groups that criticize the measure because of the possibility of decreased biodiversity.

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