When you go to UC Berkeley: #JustBerkeleyThings

Joyce Cam/Staff

As UC Berkeley students, there are some things that are just special to us. KiwiBots, Sproul, Free Speech and more are just part of our unique campus experience. We’ve all seen and heard of those “justgirlythings” quotes and photos. Well, we at the Clog are here to present you with “justberkeleythings.”

What is UC Berkeley without the Free Speech Movement?


We all crave a seat in Moffitt.


We all want to be able to help the #ZeroWaste2020 initiative, but, even with pictures, who knows where my trash goes? 


Will they ever fix the air conditioning problem in Evans? 


It’s been years, and I’m still confused with where levels A and C are. 


What a tragic, but true reality for UC Berkeley students and their laptops.


Nothing is better than hearing the Campanile send you off to class! 


We love independent, local newspapers! 


One of the most used phrases on Sproul. Here’s a tip to all of our Sproulers: Try asking us how we’re doing.


KiwiBots are definitely an icon to UC Berkeley students. Don’t lie, your heart kind of skips a beat when they do those heart eyes at you. 


Memorial Glade will always be there for you to live, laugh and love. 


UC Berkeley is a unique and wonderful place to be able to study. Our experience here is really unlike any other college experience. We’re all just living our best Berkeley lives.

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