Revive your bank account with these money-saving tips for students

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Let’s be honest here — being a college student is a financial struggle. Between paying tuition and Berkeley’s ridiculously high rent and going out with friends, it’s no wonder our bank accounts are left weeping at the end of the day. There are definitely strategies to limit the degree of emotional trauma your wallet goes through — here are just a handful of them!

Get help with your boba addiction

With two new additions of boba shops near campus, it’s not surprising that our already-existing addiction to boba has grown dramatically over the past month. Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea has grown to be the new source of boba on campus and is located right across from Sproul Plaza. Five dollars might not seem like a lot, but if you’re getting boba two to 10 times a day, it’ll add up. Please contact your nearest boba addiction counselor to get help.   

Say no to caffeine  

We know — how in the world can we say no to caffeine? It basically runs in our bloodstream, and we can’t go a day without it. We’re not saying “no” to all sources of caffeine but rather, to those bought at your favorite coffee shop or local convenience stores. Yes, that includes Yerba Mates! Invest in a nice coffee maker and save a few bucks a day by brewing your own coffee or tea! Or you can just sleep earlier and get rid of caffeine altogether.

Stay on campus as long as you can

Utilities can be quite pricey. To limit your use of water and electricity, try staying on campus as long as you can. Moffitt Library is open 24 hours from Mondays to Thursdays, and you can shower at the RSF to save on your utility bill. By the time you’ve finished “studying” at Moffitt and “working out” at the RSF, you won’t even need to turn on a single light when you get home. Just hop in your bed and start another day of saving!   

Always be on the lookout for discounts   

Coupons and discounts are everywhere — you just have to find them. Be sure to sign up for grocery club cards and websites such as Groupon and Honey to say “goodbye” to paying full price and “hello” to getting great deals for everything from clothing to fun trips out.  

What are you waiting for? Revive your bank account and hop on these money-saving tips!

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