Falling for you: Your guide to pumpkin spice lattes around Berkeley

Zahira Chaudhry/Staff

The aisles of stores are stocked with pumpkin-flavored items while cafés and restaurants are bringing back their favorite pumpkin-spiced dishes. You know what that means — fall is finally here! Prepare yourself for the revival of your favorite seasonal drink, the iconic PSL. It’s back and, as always, the Clog is here to guide you through our favorite spots around Berkeley to get pumpkin spice lattes so you won’t miss out this season.  

Artís Coffee

1717 Fourth St. B, Berkeley, CA 94710

I mean, who doesn’t love Artís? It’s aesthetically pleasing and serves the best drinks and pastries! Artís’ pumpkin spice latte is one to die for. This coffee shop uses real spices, so you can definitely taste the combination of autumn and pumpkins with each sip you take.

Asha Tea House

2086 University Ave., Berkeley, CA 94704

At the Clog, we don’t shy away from our love for chai lattes, as you can probably tell by our many chai-inspired articles. We would have never thought we would ever experience anything so wonderful — until we tried Asha’s pumpkin chai latte. It has the perfect amount of spice and even has real pumpkin bits!  

Brewed Awakening

1807 Euclid Ave., Berkeley, CA 94709

This one’s for our Northside folks (as you’re often forgotten!). Brewed Awakening is a great place to study if you want a break from Berkeley’s crammed libraries. As you study, make sure to order the pumpkin spice latte, coupled with one of the coffee shop’s wide selection of pumpkin-flavored pastries. Brewed Awakening’s lattes aren’t overly sweet, unlike at some cafés, and have just the right amount of pumpkin flavoring.

Cafe Réveille  

760 Hearst Ave. #102, Berkeley, CA 94710

Cafe Réveille tops the aesthetics of Artís. With white marble coffee tables and an outdoor seating area, it’s definitely an Instagram-worthy spot. Get away from the stress of Berkeley and enjoy a day on Fourth Street when you visit this cafe. Order the pumpkin spice latte with some bombass avocado toast and take a stroll around all of Fourth Street’s shops!

Fall in love with pumpkin spice lattes all over again. Happy fall, Golden Bears!

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