UC Berkeley-inspired patronuses for Harry Potter lovers

Isabella Schreiber/File

Recently, we at the Clog have been thinking about the patronus quiz on Pottermore and how all the possible patronuses are animals. Of course, if your friend believes that a spork captures their essence, the flaw that comes with the official quiz is that it doesn’t include other objects or concepts that a UC Berkeley student spiritually connects with. Here are just a few additions to the current patronus list that we think would suit students at UC Berkeley.

An avocado

Your patronus is an avocado if you’re a proud Californian. You swear Disneyland is better than Disneyworld and that In-N-Out has the best burgers. You consider yourself a connoisseur of Mexican food. You also like to live the “simple life” and find immense joy from the sheer act of eating large quantities of food.

Your roommate’s Juul cloud

Your patronus is your roommate’s Juul cloud if you find yourself at home on Friday nights with said roommate. You prefer not to party unless the party is a homework party. You often find yourself reconsidering your life choices and find happiness and fulfillment through memes.

Chicken tender (rare!)

If you have this patronus, consider yourself one of a lucky few. The chicken tender patronus is a rarity only bestowed on those who have completely engrossed themselves in UC Berkeley culture. Those with the chicken tender patronus carry the rest of us. If you have this patronus, you find comfort in nostalgia.

A single boba pearl

If you have this patronus, you’re a boba addict, and you don’t care what anyone else thinks. Your friends are jealous of the amount of boba you can drink in a day, and they wish they could indulge in the same way. You also find pleasure in many small rewards compared to having one big reward at the end of a long grind.


Your patronus is a flyer if your friends describe you as sensitive and informed. If your patronus is a flyer, you’re the type of student to go to all your club meetings. The sense of community you gain from clubs keeps you motivated throughout the semester. You are small, yet powerful.

Compostable cup from Golden Bear café

This is your patronus if you consider yourself environmentally conscious. You take any opportunity to remind yourself and your friends to think about where trash goes. This is your patronus if you find comfort and enjoyment in nature and among greenery. Knowing that you consciously take efforts to make the world a better place is what motivates you.

Keys to a study room in Moffitt

You find joy and happiness through good grades and setting the curve. You enjoy solitude and nice views. You have this patronus if you generally tend to be awkward around new people and if you tend to be really open and extroverted in small groups of familiar people.

The textbook you bought for a class and haven’t touched

You find yourself feeling self-assured during midterms if you have this patronus. You tend not to want to overdo things, and are a firm believer in efficiency. You can sometimes be gullible and wrongly assume certain people to have good intentions for you. If you have this patronus, you find contentment in knowing exactly what’s on your schedule for the day.

A dying succulent you got from a club event you went to last semester

You have this patronus if you like the prospect of caring for things but find yourself struggling to care for yourself. This is your patronus if you believe all living things have feelings and if you get easily attached to your belongings. You find enjoyment in pleasing others, even if this means sacrificing some of your own comfort.

Your “chill” Spotify playlist

This is your patronus if you often find yourself listening to music every chance you get. You enjoy life in moments and respect your feelings in general. You’re in tune with your emotions and don’t let them take control of your life. You have this patronus if your go-to conversation starter is related to music.

So whether your patronus is an avocado or the rare chicken tender, remember that no matter what your patronus is, items unique to UC Berkeley’s culture have the potential to unleash a greater power within the students here.

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