JPEGMAFIA wants to duke it out with 2018

Skylar De Paul/Staff

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From a distance, L.A.-based rapper Barrington Hendricks, better known as JPEGMAFIA or Peggy, harbors a vague resemblance to SoundCloud rappers both in sound and sentiment. On Saturday, halting his set, the shirtless rapper challenged a member of the crowd who had made an indistinct remark about the sound quality to confront him on stage. The member went as far as up the left-wing stairs before security calmed the situation.

That, along with Hendricks’ explosive energy and the abrasive production of his music, would lead one to think that he’s picking up the mantle that XXXTentacion — notorious for brawling with his audience — has left behind. But listening to his lyrics and his asides onstage, you’ll find that the Baltimore-raised rapper is out to correct his contemporaries, not to sound or act like them.

“I apologize,” Hendricks said to the audience member. “We cool.”

Though he may not have truly had intentions of fighting his own fans, Hendricks had a long hit list in mind during his performance that included but was not limited to: metalheads, hypebeasts, the president, rock ‘n’ roll, Morrissey of The Smiths, Kanye West and even himself.

“Let me hear you say, ‘Fuck you, Peggy,’ ” Hendricks said. It’s the sound of self-deprecation that feels familiar in this era of rap.

Hendricks ultimately put all his pent-up anger and raw energy to good use. Mosh pits are ubiquitous in hip-hop sets, so Hendricks took the opportunity to jump off the pedestal of the stage multiple times and join his friends in the crowd.

With an arm around a listener’s shoulders and, at one point, moshing by himself in a circle, Peggy rapped his lungs out and, together, the audience members shared all there was to hate about 2018.

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