The Clog’s pumpkin pancake recipe for delicious fall flapjacks

Staff/Pariswi Tewari/Staff
Staff/Pariswi Tewari

Here at the Clog, we love any excuse to whip up some fall-themed goodies to share with our friends and family. Whether you want to procrastinate on studying for your midterms or are looking for a weekend brunch idea, these yummy fall flapjacks are sure to do the trick. We’re a big fan of the quick and easy pumpkin pancake mix from Trader Joe’s! This affordable mix only requires a few additional ingredients for it to amazing.

Staff/Pariswi Tewari


  1. A medium bowl
  2. Trader Joe’s pumpkin pancake mix
  3. 1 Egg
  4. Milk (or your favorite plant-based alternative)
  5. Butter (optional)
  6. Any other extras you would like to add to your pancakes. We prefer cinnamon, chocolate chips, walnuts or fruit, but the pancake is your blank canvas!

Staff/Pariswi Tewari


Soften your butter by microwaving it for approximately 20 seconds. This may take more or less time, depending on how much butter you’ve decided to add to this recipe. After that, mix in the pancake batter and one whole egg. From there you can add milk as needed. You want your mixture to be thin enough to pour easily, but you don’t want it to be runny. A runny batter makes pancakes hard to flip and limits how much your pancakes fluff up. Mix in any extra ingredients you might want to add, such as walnuts or chocolate chips.

Staff/Pariswi Tewari

Now that you have your batter, it’s time to make the pancakes! Warm up your pan at high heat and use a little oil or butter to ensure that your pancakes don’t stick to the pan. If they do end up sticking, don’t sweat it. Your pancakes may not be pretty, but they’ll still taste great! Once the pan is hot enough, adjust the heat to medium and add your batter to the pan. Allow time to cook and flip those babies over once the pancakes start to form a solid base.

When your pancakes are done, they should look something like this.

Staff/Pariswi Tewari

The fun part!

The process of making pumpkin pancakes is pretty fun in itself, but our favorite part is definitely decorating the finished product! Cut up some fresh fruit, sprinkle some walnuts, get out the maple syrup or honey, and top your pancakes with some whipped cream. We hope that this recipe was helpful and that you decide to make these delicious treats for yourself. Happy fall from the Clog!

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