Accessible, easy spring 2019 classes you should think about taking

Priya Sundaresean/File

Few things spark as much stress among UC Berkeley students as Phase I of class registration. From lengthy waitlists to reserved seats to conflicting class times, the whole process is notoriously frustrating. The Clog is here to help ease some of that stress by offering some recommendations for fun, relatively easy classes you can take to add some extra units. All of these classes have seats open to students of any major and don’t require any prerequisite classes.

English 80K – “Children’s Literature”

If the syllabus featuring the likes of Harry Potter and Dr. Seuss isn’t enough to convince you of how awesome this class is, there’s also no required discussion section, so the class time commitment wouldn’t be too overbearing if you’re looking for a fun way to fulfill the arts and literature breadth requirement.

Environmental Science, Policy and Management C10 – “Environmental Issues”

If you’re looking for a class with information relevant to real-world issues, look no further than the department of environmental science, policy and management. Even though you’re probably already woke when it comes to climate change as a UC Berkeley student, this class offers an opportunity to deepen your understanding of the relationship between human society and the natural environment.

Letters and Sciences C70W – “Physics and Music”

L&S discovery courses are a great way to knock out breadth requirements while learning about interesting, niche topics. This class requires no prior background in either physics or music, making it a great choice to satisfy the physical science breadth requirement.

UGBA 196 – “Personal Financial Management”

Are you scared of graduating with lots of knowledge of political philosophy or organic chemistry but no knowledge of how to file taxes or build your credit score? This two-unit class, offered through the Haas School of Business, can help you feel more prepared to take on financial life as an adult, covering a broad range of topics pertinent to personal financial security.

Statistics C8 – “Foundations of Data Science”

If you’re a humanities major feeling like it’s highly inappropriate to graduate from UC Berkeley with zero knowledge of coding or computer science, this class is perfect for you. Covering topics from basic Python to data analysis, this class teaches marketable, hard skills that will develop your critical thinking skills and boost your resume. The division of data sciences is still in its young stages, and you can have a chance to get in at the early stages and be taught by one of the co-creators of the class, Ani Adhikari.

History 190 – “Soccer: A Global History”

There are very few things every country in the world can agree upon — one of those things is soccer (or football), a great game that brings happiness to many. This unique class traces the game of soccer throughout history across countries, making it a favorite among sports fans and history buffs alike.

African American Studies 142AC – “Race and American Film”

It’s not technically required to graduate, but it’s pretty much a given that all UC Berkeley students will end up taking at least one class that critically examines the relationship between race and society while they’re here. “Race and American Film” not only gives students a chance to engage in conversations about race through the lens of cinema, but it also satisfies the American Cultures requirement.

These are just a handful of the thousands of classes available to students next semester, so just remember that even if you’re registration doesn’t go as planned, the backup options are endless. Good luck out there during Phase I!

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