Editors’ Note: Oct. 19

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Hannah Cooper/Senior Staff

Sometimes the most captivating places, people and narratives are those that remain largely unexposed. At the Weekender, we’re unveiling some of these “hidden gems” in our own community — from anachronistic architecture to repurposed art and undiscovered forms of intelligence — that speak to the unique cumulation of creativity that characterizes so much of Berkeley and its history.

We’re first unraveling the rich history and artistic influence in Berkeley’s Northside neighborhood. Staff writer Isaac Engelberg explains the historical resonance of Normandy Village, a home with intricate storybook-style architecture and equally elaborate historical roots. These streets are also decorated with innovative and eclectic art, much of which is the work of Mark Olivier, a local resident who transforms beach trash into quirky sculpture pieces. Check out the story behind his artwork in this feature contributed by staff writer Layla Chamberlin.

Berkeley’s hidden artistry can be found in even more obscure places. Staff writer Kate Winterbauer shares the story of an eerie painting recently discovered in the broken bed frame of a Unit 1 resident. For cultural artifacts not surprisingly unearthed but rather carefully conserved, look no further than the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology, where, in writer Tianyi Ding’s feature of a recent exhibition, you will find faces staring right back out.

Berkeley is also creatively reimagined by our own writers. Staff writer Sean Tseng contributed a piece of short fiction that narrates a journey through UC Berkeley’s campus, told through a whimsical lens. Recounting his experiences with the elusive card-counting blackjack DeCal, Arth Vidyarthi shuffles his way through finding a community of peers in lesser-known corners of the campus.

To round out the issue, Daily Californian photographer Ruby Sapia sheds some necessary and well-angled light on the food security plights of low-income students — as well as on what the Berkeley Student Cooperative is doing to help.

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