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The toastess with the mostest: An elevated avocado toast recipe

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OCTOBER 22, 2018

Throw your avocado toast in the air if you’s a true playa! Avocado toast is probably the most overrated food to ever grace this earth. Although I’m a huge fan of avocado toast (I mean, who isn’t), it can get a little boring sometimes. So it’s time to spice things up — literally. Using local ingredients such as fresh bread and green hot sauce from our very own Cheese Board and hummus from The Hummus Guy, this is as fresh as it gets, folks. Combining everything that you already enjoy about avocado toast but adding new components such as green hot sauce and crunchiness from nutritious seeds, this elevated avocado toast really has it all!

If you’ve never had Cheese Board’s green sauce, you haven’t experienced life. When I buy a pizza from Cheese Board, I always pick up a little container of the green sauce. Because if you didn’t have their green sauce with the pizza, did you really have Cheese Board pizza? Although this hot sauce is super delicious, I always tend to have some leftover. This super easy recipe is a great way to use the rest of the hot sauce or is just another excuse to buy their hot sauce. Who knew cilantro, serrano chilis, olive oil and citrus could make such a combo?

So roll up your sleeves and get to work! There’s some avocado toast to make!


Whole wheat/spelt bread (I personally love Cheese Board’s seedy spelt bread)

1/2 avocado

The Cheese Board’s green hot sauce

Hummus (The Hummus Guy’s Garlic and Chives hummus rocks my world. Seriously.)

1/2 tsp of chia seeds

Sprinkle of raw unsalted pumpkin seeds




Lightly toast your bread. Taking a knife, evenly smear a generous layer of hummus onto your toast.


Cut half an avocado lengthwise into slices. Neatly place these slices on top of the hummus.


Salt and pepper your avocado toast, followed by a sprinkle of chia and pumpkin seeds, and drizzle some green hot sauce.


If you’re feeling really fancy (or super extra), go ahead and fry up an egg and toss that bad boiii right on top! Looking for some greens? Top it all off with some micro greens! Or just enjoy this yummy avocado toast as it is. Let me tell you this: Nothing beats a thicc slice of toast and avocado — especially if there’s hummus, seeds and Cheese Board’s hot sauce.


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OCTOBER 22, 2018