Fiat lux: The many lessons we can learn from moth memes

Kore Chan/File

It’s no secret that moth memes are all the rage right now. Sometimes it seems that we’re so eager to move on to the next meme that we miss out on the chance to actually sit and digest the meme before us. So before we abandon our moths completely, let’s think for a moment about the moths and all the lessons we could learn from them.

How to appreciate our school’s motto 

We don’t know if you’ve tried walking home past 8 p.m. near Strawberry Creek, but that trek is dark. We could solve this problem by adding more lamps on our walkways in and around campus. If God, Oski or the moths have said we could use a little more light, then maybe we should listen.

Beauty is a social construct 

We’ve all had our messy days. You know the days when we’re caught in the middle of midterm season and far from our best. But does that mean we deserve less respect than the girl in class who somehow manages to come to discussion with a wicked contour every day of the week? Absolutely not.

We should all have goals… in moderation. 

There’s something admittedly wholesome about the concept of a moth wanting a lamp. This genuine desire is oh-so-relatable for us Bears. Sometimes the shiniest goal, such as wanting to land the most competitive internship or be the brightest student in your class, can be all-consuming to the point of being harmful to your own mental health. By all means, go after that light, but don’t fly too close the sun.

We all could use a laugh

Anyone else feeling a little burned out these days? There’s nothing like warming yourself by the light of your phone with a few wholesome memes to feel a little less discouraged before you go to bed. Your best friend may say that they’re annoyed by all the memes you keep tagging them in, but that’s just how you show you care.

Maybe we’re not ready to let go of the moth memes quite yet

Halloween is just around the corner, and with it comes all of its spooky memes. But does that mean we give up on the moths? Did we give up when we realized we were never going to get that 4.0 we worked so hard for by not standing on the UC Berkeley seals? Did we give up when they took away late night? Only for a little while! Long live the moth memes!

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