Quiz: Where should you go to escape the stress of midterms?

Jessica Rogness/File

While there are many similarities and differences among UC Berkeley students, having an abundance of difficult courses is one similarity that most of us can relate to. As we approach the midway point of midterm season, the stress of back-to-back examinations or essays can really start to get to us. With each midterm adding to the enormous weight plopped onto us, take this quiz to find out where you should go to escape the academic pressure.

  1. Where do you like to get your work done?
    1. Out in the open. I need fresh air!
    2. Romeo’s or 1951 Coffee Company
    3. Work? What work?
    4. At home, because there’s no place comfier!
  2. When was the last time you traveled?
    1. This year. I try to travel every chance I get
    2. Last weekend
    3. Spring break
    4. I don’t remember, but that memory foam mattress was nice
  3. You have two hours to eat. Where are you going?
    1. In-N-Out
    2. A five-course meal, please
    3. Taco Bell
    4. Eat? I want sleep!
  4. What’s your day-to-day campus look?
    1. Jacket, jeans and sneakers versatility goes a long way!
    2. Gucci it’s a gang
    3. Who cares about day-to-day? It’s all about the night
    4. Sweats — they’re quick, easy and comfy
  5. Which artist do you have on replay?
    1. Bad Bunny that collab with Drake is fire!
    2. BTS
    3. Anything EDM
    4. Have you heard of the “Deep House Relax” playlist on Spotify?
  6. What does your Instagram feed look like?
    1. Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu and, of course, the Eiffel Tower.
    2. Birthday dinner at Nobu and the Ferris wheel at Coachella
    3. Game day, game day, game day — go Bears!
    4. I don’t really post much
    1. Get out of Berkeley for some fresh air. Take a trip to Yosemite and explore the nature, or if you’re looking for something a little closer to home, hike the fire trails.
    2. Try retail therapy. Although your doctor will never formally prescribe it, new shoes will give you the relief you need right now.
    3. Party it up on frat row. Bass-boosted speakers blasting your favorite songs will have you instantly forgetting the stress of your midterm exams.
    4. Take a long nap — you need it! After weeks of studying and cramming in material, it’s finally time to hit the snooze button.

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