Why you should watch children’s shows to get over your Berkeley blues

Doug Smith/Staff

It’s no secret that school can be difficult. It’s all right to want an escape from that struggle from time to time. But you might not have to look to new experiences for that kind of escape. We at the Clog have found that it might be good to look backward during times of distress. If you want to feel like a kid again, free of all these adult problems, then we suggest you disappear into your nostalgia. A great way to do this is to watch shows from your childhood to help get over your Berkeley blues.

These shows are happy and have positive messages

Sometimes it can be nice to watch nice shows with happy vibes, especially since most shows these days seem to value drama and anguish over anything happy. If that is all you watch, then there is no escape from the drama and anguish in your own life. Children’s shows, on the other hand, almost always end with the world being happy again. This is an important thing to remember when all you can think of is your next midterm or paper.

Not only is the tone of these shows happy, but so are their messages. Nice reminders of the good that friendships can do or the fact that things will get better are important. These positive messages are something we don’t get nearly enough. Without these lessons, life can seem like we’re just trying to avoid the worst outcomes. 

You probably have good feelings toward these programs

You’re most likely going to choose a show that you remember fondly. If you do, you might be able to escape into the childlike emotions you once felt toward that show. This allows you to escape into the care-free mindset you had as a child. That can be nice when all your adult responsibilities are getting you down.

It can be good to see how your views have changed

If you are worried that you haven’t grown up or changed from when you were younger, then shows from your childhood might be the best way to prove yourself wrong. As you watch, you’ll notice new things and have a different appreciation. You can look at your change in understanding from when you were a kid to now. These shows will demonstrate that you’ve grown up and gained a better understanding of the world.

Comfort in the familiar

Nostalgia can be a powerful thing. It can feel like a nice, warm blanket that you can just wrap yourself in. Shows from your childhood might allow you to return to the comfortable memories of childhood, and sometimes that might be all you need to momentarily forget all of today’s worries.

If you’re feeling badly, you can always track down a show you used to watch on your streaming platform of choice. Watching a show you haven’t seen in a long time might just be the perfect reminder that the world isn’t that bad.

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