Cher tweets that all UC Berkeley students can relate to

Flickr/Creative Commons

Cher is an icon, and there’s no doubt about it. In fact, she’s so much of an icon that even UC Berkeley students, including the class of 2022, can relate to her in some way or another. Whether it’s her fiery political rants or her chill “good night” posts, we all see some of ourselves in her.

UC Berkeley students always have to make some dough or get that bread. Sometimes we have to say goodbye to our friends and have fun for a bit while we toil. Of course, except for those students who happened to land cushy jobs or internships and those Haas kids who let the dough and bread come to them.

We’re always working hard here, because apparently we have to “earn it.” And of course, we wouldn’t be UC Berkeley students if we didn’t make sure to tell everyone just how hard we have it here. Every student may not have all the resources they need, but a hammer or knife will have to do for them and their next Math 1b midterm.

This is a PSA to go vote! Give those midterms the kick in the ass they need! If you haven’t been harassed so far by a UC Berkeley student to vote, you have been now. #justberkeleythings

Technology can be a bitch. Cher knows, and we know. And unfortunately for us, not everyone is as tech-savvy as UC Berkeley students are thought to be. Sometimes you craft the perfect tweet or the perfect comment for a UCBMFET or Overheard at UC Berkeley post, but the formatting of the platform you post it on happens to fuck it up. You have no choice but to delete it in hot embarrassment until you can find a CS major to fix your problem. We feel you, homegirl.

If there are three words that best describe every single UC Berkeley student, it’s these three. Classes from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.? Five clubs (if it’s humanly possible to get into that many here)? A social life? Yeah, we try to do it all, but we all end up spontaneously combusting at one point and are left with nothing but sad shells of our former selves.

Even Cher sometimes feels like she’s holding her tongue. For a typical UC Berkeley student, it takes all that we can not to transfer all our stress onto that one car that braked a little too close to us or that student with their headphones on cutting in front of you and refusing to let you go past because they’re in their own musical world.

If you get a chance, take a look at Cher’s actual Twitter account! You’ll find a hefty spread of political tweets, promotion for upcoming shows and albums, and best of all, her sharp and sexy sense of humor. We love you, Cher. Keep being you, and we’ll no doubt find ways to see ourselves in you.

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