Former Berkeley College Republicans president Troy Worden raises money for legal fees

Jasmany Flores/File

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Former Berkeley College Republicans president Troy Worden is raising money through a GoFundMe to cover legal fees for a lawsuit involving Yvette Felarca, a member of activist group By Any Means Necessary.

As of press time, Worden had raised $810 toward his $25,000 goal through donations on his GoFundMe page.

For about a year, Worden and Felarca have been engaged in a lawsuit stemming from a restraining order that Felarca placed on Worden for alleged stalking and intimidation. In response to the restraining order, Worden filed a motion against Felarca in November 2017, requesting more than $100,000 in damages.

The court ordered Felarca to pay $11,100 to cover Worden’s legal fees. Since then, Felarca has appealed the decision and Worden has incurred more legal bills, according to the GoFundMe page.

Worden also promoted his GoFundMe on a livestreamed video posted Oct. 8 on YouTuber Ashton Whitty’s channel. Multiple donations to the YouTube channel were made in the amount of $14.88, which is a number that combines two white supremacist symbols — 14 refers to a 14-word white supremacist slogan and 88 represents a Nazi slogan. Worden said in an email that all donations directly submitted on Whitty’s livestream belong to her.

Berkeley Antifa tweeted about these donations Sunday, including a screenshot of the YouTube video in which Worden is seen laughing apparently in response to a $20 donation accompanying a comment that questioned the Holocaust.

Felarca said she was “not surprised” by these donations.

Both Worden and Whitty expressed disapproval of the livestream comment. Whitty said in the video that she would not read the comment out loud, while Worden said they were “trying not to give antifa any ammo.”

“If you watch the livestream you will see that Miss Whitty and I refuse to read or respond to the comment, which is obviously a troll,” Worden said in an email. “It goes without saying that both Miss Whitty and I categorically disavow far-right and far-left ideologies.”

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