Michelle Obama, George W. Bush photos that capture your relationship with your lecture buddies

We all have our lecture squads, whether we planned our schedules with our besties or we met a few new friends on the first day of class. Through the ups and the downs of the semester, they inevitably become your right hand, your go-to — the Michelle Obama to your George W. Bush, if you will. You share a unique bond with your lecture buddies, just as these two do, and here are a few of our favorite photos to prove it.

When you professor finally stops to take a breath and asks, “Any questions?”

A knowing glance is all it takes. You two have developed a personalized language of sorts. And the tilt of the head, plus a casual raise of the eyebrows, topped off with a smirk, is as basic as it gets. What you’re really saying is: “Actually, now that you mention it, I only have 500 million questions.” We can only speculate what the shared glance above is about, but we hope it’s some super-secret White House inside joke. One can only dream.

When you run out of time and have to click a random option on an iClicker question and you get it right.

To be fair, it takes a good 15 to 20 seconds to retrieve your iClicker from your backpack as you have to blindly feel for it through the maze of crumpled papers and who knows what else. Then, you have to read through each of the multiple-choice options. You better hope you’re not in a humanities class or those can range from a run-on sentence to a short paragraph. Time is ticking away, but now comes the real kicker: You have to think. But, of course, all you can think about is the drink from Strada you’re treating yourself to after this. Time is suddenly up and you click “C” because you kind of, sort of remember reading somewhere that “C” is on average most often used for the correct answer. Today must be your day because “C” is correct and your lecture squad is happy to see you succeed, even only if by luck! 

When the professor mentions that there’s a group project coming up.

Cue the smiles and the hand-holding because lecture squad is back in business, ladies and gents! Let’s be real — you’ve been waiting for this day all semester. Your project work will most likely turn into a hangout session complete with Hot Cheetos and re-runs of “Friends” (their squad will never hold a candle to yours). But isn’t that the beauty of the lecture squad anyway?

Classes may come and go, and grades may ebb and flow, but cheers to the lecture squads who remain!

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