A breakup letter to midterms: It’s definitely you, not us

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Dear Midterms,

We’ll be completely honest with you. We’re done with you. We can’t take the late nights of crying, constant stressing and wondering whether or not you’ll be curved. Midterms, we understand why you exist. Professors need to know if we’re actually learning anything or just cruising through classes without a care in the world. You’re actually good for us, too, by helping us decide whether a class will be a letter grade or a pass/no pass for us. So, thanks for that?

We know you’re always coming, but we never look at the syllabus. You just kind of show up one week and stick with us for the next few until the next semester comes around again. Although you’re always there for us in testing how much we know, and we get a fun rush whenever you’re around, we just don’t think this will work out. Our relationship just doesn’t fit. We should be perfect pieces of a puzzle, but all we’ve been doing is jamming together to fit.

Our mid-semester fling is always so exciting. Will we pass? Will we fail? Will you be curved? This guessing game is, unfortunately, getting a little too old for us. We’re part of a generation who likes to know what’s going to happen next — we’re maturing, and we think you should, too. That’s why we’re leaving you for study guides and quizzes. Study guides just get us, you know? They tell us what we need and help us get to success. They want us to be great. Quizzes are short and sweet. They don’t hurt us as much as you do. And if anything, they’re around for us more, too.

Midterms, there will always be a special place in our hearts for you. You’ve shown us our worst times and greatest times here at UC Berkeley. You really did help us become who we are today, whether that be for better or worse. But don’t get it twisted, we don’t owe you anything. In fact, you should be writing an apology letter to us!

It’s definitely you, not us. Please take this with more than a grain of salt, as you should know how much you’ve hurt us over the years. But just as we think we’re done, you come back to us again. But after our four-year fling, we think it’s finally time to end this chapter in our journey. You won’t be missed.

Best wishes,

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