To all the dogs I’ve loved before: An ode to the campus pups

Jasmany Flores/File

Your name was Ziggy and you stared at me

We locked eyes for a brief moment of reverie

Short legs, tongue wagging, love your pug face

I truly hope you have a ball to chase


Every dog I pet, I hope we never part

Destress with Dogs is UC Berkeley’s heart

I see you on the Glade, by Dwinelle, even Sproul

One look and you’ve gotten rid of my scowl


My apartment won’t allow you

That’s a shame because I want one to be mine, my boo

Man’s best friend, they deserve the world

Whether their fur is shaggy, shiny or curled


I see you in class

Rolling in the grass

Conversations stop

Whenever a sweet little dog pops up


Bull dog, corgi, terrier and lab

Every kind of dog makes this campus less drab

So to every furry friend

I’ll love you till the end

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