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Stu-dying? 6 great spots to study off campus

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OCTOBER 26, 2018

We’ve finally come to the last stretch of midterm season. I know, time flies when you’re having fun! Campus libraries, especially the famous Moffitt Library and even hidden study areas on campus, are packed with hundreds of stressed-out students. It’s extremely difficult to find a spot on campus to study, and long hours of studying at one location can be draining. Here are some great spots around Berkeley to study to your heart’s content and get away from all the stress of being on campus!

Cafe Blue Door

Study and gym? Cafe Blue Door is located right by RSF. It’s a decently spacious cafe and serves many delicious dishes, including bagels and pastries. I’ve never had a problem finding a seat here, and hopefully, you won’t either! It’s a pretty cozy and quiet place to study if you’re looking for something off campus that’s not too far.

Caffe Strada  

The popular Caffe Strada. I think this is one of my favorite spots to study but only if I decide to start studying super early in the morning at 7 a.m. because it gets unnecessarily packed really quickly. The best spot to study at Strada is at one of the tables inside. It’s isolated from the outside world but not to the point where you have no idea what time or day it is — aka Main Stacks. Strada does get pretty loud in the afternoon, so if you get easily distracted by noise and the environment around you, I would highly recommend studying at any of the other gems mentioned in this list.  

Philz Coffee

Did someone say mint mojito? Philz serves some of the best caffeinated drinks in the area by far. Although it gets pretty busy here, I really enjoy the environment and vibe of Philz. The seating area is quite limited, so come early to cop a seat! Because you’ll already be in the area, you can de-stress by going grocery shopping at Safeway and take the 51B straight home!

Artís Coffee

I can’t count the number of times I’ve mentioned Artís in my articles. For a cafe, it’s a pretty quiet and relaxing place to study. On some days, the shop even has live music! Come to Artís to enjoy a nice, rejuvenating beverage and cram for your midterms or finals.

Berkeley Public Library  

If you enjoy the library kind of feel, Berkeley Public Library is the perfect place for you. Because there are many libraries on campus, the public library isn’t super crowded with college students. You’ll find a seat, I promise!

Marian Koshland Bioscience, Natural Resources and Public Health Library

My heart belongs to this library, which is located in VLSB. Although it’s on campus, it’s usually not crowded. There’s tons of available seating in the study rooms, group tables and individual cubicles! The second floor is usually vacant. If you get easily distracted and want to stay on campus, I recommend that you study at VLSB.

Studying on campus can be intensely stressful and overwhelming. It takes forever to find a seat, and it can become overbearing to be around highly stressed people all the time. Take a break and study off campus! Although studying will never be a de-stressor, studying off campus can definitely decrease your stress levels. Happy studying, Golden Bears!

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OCTOBER 26, 2018