Cuffing season got you down? Here are a few things you can try

Annika Constantino/Staff

The days are getting shorter, and the air is getting colder, which can only mean one thing: It’s cuffing season. Wherever you look, people are coupling up around you, snuggling up to stay warm while you’re left to brave the Berkeley cold all by yourself. If you find yourself without a boo during this time of blossoming romance, have no fear — the Clog is here! And we’ve got some advice on how you can thrive solo during #cuffingszn.

Buy two of everything

You don’t need a bae to go on coffee or dinner dates — you can take yourself out and just buy yourself two of whatever you get! Ordering two pumpkin spice lattes will trick the barista and everyone in line into thinking you’re getting one for your significant other when in reality you get to enjoy them both for yourself. Talk about a win-win!

Get a body pillow

Who says you have to snuggle up with another living person to keep warm? With affordable options available on Amazon, body pillows are a great alternative if you’re trying to be a big spoon but don’t have a little spoon to cuddle.

Steal someone’s sweatshirt and act like your bae gave it to you

There are many ways to go about this one. You can pick up a stray jacket left behind in lecture or raid a lost-and-found, but the goal is to walk away with a sweatshirt that’s noticeably too large for you so that you can snuggle up and pretend it was given to you lovingly by your S.O.

Get a tutor and pretend you’re on a study date

Find a tutor on Free & For Sale and roll up to Moffitt Library with them. You can have company while studying, and they’ll also help you ace your midterms!

Write love notes to yourself

Sometimes all you need to get through the day is a little encouragement, and there’s no feeling like reminding yourself of how awesome you are. You know exactly what you like to hear, so write it down and put it somewhere to find later!

An alternative to all of these steps is to just appreciate sweet freedom and independence — no one knows how to love you better than you do. Cuffing season is overrated, anyway.

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