Best ways to use candy corn rather than for eating

Pixabay/Creative Commons

Candy corn is a staple candy for the fall season. Whether you hate it or love it, there’s a chance you’ve considered what else the triangular candy is good for besides making you never want sugar for a week. Here are a few ways you can use all the extra candy corn you have sitting around in your apartment.

Make a gluelike paste to patch up any holes in the walls

No, we aren’t talking about the hole in your heart after a breakup. We mean literal holes in the wall after an intense game of Monopoly. This paste is nearly identical to the superglue you can get for way more than it’s worth. To make the paste, all you’ll need is leftover candy corn (preferably fresh), water, powdered sugar and some kind of binding agent such as soap. Get a big bowl and thoroughly combine the wet materials and the dry materials. Just when you thought candy corn was a waste, you now know a way to turn it into paste.

Get your roommates to stop eating your food

You could approach this in two different ways. If you like candy corn and know your roommates abhor it, consider adding it to your leftovers in the fridge. As soon as they feel tempted to take a bite, they’ll see the brightly colored treat and flee. Alternatively, you can glue the candy corn to your ice cream cartons like little spikes so they form a physical barrier between your ice cream and the intruder. It’s eat or be eaten, and your roommates don’t like ice cream enough to bite off the candy-corn spikes.

Make decorations out of them

There are plenty of decorations out there on Pinterest and such. Some of our favorites include the corn on the cob that you can make out of individual pieces of candy corn arranged as kernels. You can also use them as tiny hats. For other decoration ideas, consider making a little town of candy-corn people with toothpicks. Draw faces on the individual candies and make a candy-corn diorama of your math discussion. Maybe you can score some extra credit after that last midterm.

Try growing a candy corn field

The next best thing to actual corn fields are fields of candy corn. See if you can somehow convince your roommates or friends that you can plant a candy corn and legitimately grow a candy-corn stalk. Make your case by arguing that candy corn is just a much sweeter variant of its boring cousin. There must be a reason we seem to never run out of candy corn during the fall season. If you really want to sell this idea, promise your friends that your candy corn will be ready to harvest April 1 of next year.

Some other miscellaneous uses include:

  • Guitar pick
  • Fake vampire teeth
  • Earplugs
  • Artistic inspiration

There you have it — a few ways you can give candy corn a second life. 

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