Editors’ note: Happy Halloween from the Daily Clog!

Thought you saw zombies crawling out of Main Stacks the other day? Nope, it was just half-dead students getting done with studying for the night. Thought you felt ghosts lurking in the halls of Dwinelle? No, it was the empty echo of every failed exam coming back to haunt you. Thought you heard the cackling of witches instead of the familiar tunes coming from the Campanile’s carillon? Think again — it was just the innocent songs of the beloved Berkeley turkeys. But there’s one thing we can tell you for sure: It’s Halloween!

Get ready to brave the cold winds of Berkeley to pull off that iconic Halloween costume and enjoy the ghoulish festivities tonight. Luckily for you, the Clog has created a spooky collection of content to get you started. As Dr. Frank-N-Furter likes to say, you may not have asked for it, but you shall receive it… IN ABUNDANCE. Let the nightmares begin!

Peace, love, Clog.

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