Here’s why Halloween is the best holiday you won’t celebrate

Beverly Pan/File

Halloween is the season of monsters and large amounts of bite-sized candy. Neighborhoods and dining halls get decorated with pumpkins and monsters. It’s an excuse to watch lots of horror movies and eat way too much sugar. Chances, however, are that this holiday will completely pass you by. The 31st will come and go, and it will feel like just any other day. Here are some reasons why you may have forgotten that Halloween exists and also reasons why it should be celebrated.

School work

Just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean your classes are going to lessen the load. So instead of feeling like a special day, it feels like a normal day when you’re just trying to get your homework done on time. This can make the day disappear into the week, as the school treats it as just that. This might be why you realized far too late that Halloween is on the 31st after you spent the whole day studying.

There’s no pressure to celebrate

Back in elementary school and all the way to possibly high school, there might have been some Halloween events. Now, however, unless some people you know are hosting an event, there is nothing to do. Getting in costume or trying to celebrate can feel like a hassle when there is no specific reason. So, you didn’t make the 31st a more annoying day of class by wearing an unwieldy costume, and you let the day pass you by.

Your childhood memories are wrapped up in it

We at the Clog suggest you do put in that extra effort. Halloween is often associated with a lot of good childhood memories. From trick or treating to elementary school haunted houses, there are probably a lot of good memories there. By not even thinking about Halloween, you’re leaving those nice memories behind. Halloween is a chance to tap into a childlike silliness and add to those nice memories. We all need a reminder from time to time that the adult world isn’t completely serious. Halloween might be your chance to do just that.

It can show why fear isn’t such a bad thing

At the very least, Halloween can be an excuse to think of something other than school. It’s also an excuse to be scared of something other than your upcoming midterms and papers. Subjecting yourself to something scary might seem like a bad thing, but if it’s done in good fun with friends, it can be incredibly cathartic. This is a holiday that puts horror on full display and shows that it can be okay to be scared. It might even be a little fun. At a challenging university such as UC Berkeley, this is a good thing to be reminded of.

Not everyone will miss out on celebrating Halloween. But if you’re one of the people who didn’t realize what day it is until just now, we hope that we’ve helped show why you have been missing out. Happy Halloween from the Clog!

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