Quiz: Which Halloween treat are you this spooky season?

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It’s time for Halloween once again, so bring on the crazy costumes, fun parties and spooky treats. Good or bad, this year’s festivities are definitely going to be memorable. We at the Clog encourage you to take a break from the stress of finding your perfect costume and find out which spooky Halloween treat you are!

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  1. What are you most excited for this Halloween?
    1. Seeing the cute little kids in their costumes
    2. The many wild parties
    3. The decorations! Halloween decor > Holiday decor
    4. You just want midterms to be over
  2. What do you think is your best quality?
    1. Kindness is your strongest character trait
    2. You know how to take care of yourself
    3. You’ve got enough creativity to fuel the entire student body
    4. Your ability to get things done is second to none
  3. Pick a Halloween movie
    1. “Halloweentown”
    2. “The Shining”
    3. “Hocus Pocus”
    4. “It”
  4. What do you do in your free time?
    1. Hang out at a cafe with a dozen of your closest friends
    2. Go to the gym and get those #gains
    3. Draw in the sunlight or paint something in a grassy field
    4. Sleep, sleep and more sleep
  5. Pick a costume
    1. Minnie or Mickey Mouse
    2. Baywatch Babe
    3. Audrey Hepburn
    4. Whatever I have on already, plus some ears or something
  6. What’s your next meal look like?
    1. Three chocolate chip cookies, two pumpkin muffins and a Fruit by the Foot
    2. A lunch that you meal prepped
    3. Whatever I’m in the mood to cook that day
    4. Take out from Thai Basil. For the third day in a row
  7. Pick a horror movie character
    1. Samara from “The Ring”
    2. Freddy Krueger from “A Nightmare on Elm Street”
    3. Hannibal Lecter from “The Silence of the Lambs”
    4. Michael Myers from “Halloween”
  8.  Pick a drink
    1. Hot chocolate
    2. Kombucha
    3. Your fave three-bean soup, a vanilla soy latte
    4. Apple cider
    1. You’re a pumpkin sugar cookie! You’re sweet and caring and love the holidays. You give others the impression that you’re perfectly put together, and you encourage people to be the best versions of themselves.
    2. You’re a spooky fruit cutout! You’re a total gym rat and a health and wellness advocate, and you make time for self-care. Go you!
    3. You’re a creative genius! You have an eye for art and creativity and you work very hard. People around you respect how you always try to make the best of a situation. Even your Halloween treats are fun, inspired and delicious!
    4. You’re a store-bought donut! You’re doing your best as you try to make it through the semester. You put in exactly the amount of effort you think something needs, and you’re good at prioritizing.

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